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Evaluation: The place The Water Tastes Like Wine – A Distinctive Narrative Expertise That Fails As A Video Sport

Given our passion’s slavish pursuit of the validation and status afforded to cinema, it is fully widespread (and anticipated) for a online game to need to inform a narrative. The place the Water Tastes Like Wine goes past these restricted aspirations, as an alternative providing a narrative about tales, the place narrative is your weapon and your forex. That quantities to traipsing your skeletal avatar round an unlimited map of Melancholy-era America stumbling throughout weird or archetypal conditions and retaining them as “tales” to swap with the weird strangers you will meet alongside the best way.

It is a sturdy idea, evocative and unique. The sport’s opening – during which you encounter a weird speaking wolf creature – is eerie and unsettling in a means that instantly captures the creativeness. The narration (from Sting, of all folks) is powerful in its supply and helps to solid a gravitas over the entire challenge. Sadly, it nearly immediately squanders this goodwill by pitching you headfirst right into a laggy, missing expertise as you painstakingly journey throughout america.

This travelling makes up the lion’s share of your time with The place the Water Tastes Like Wine, which is not splendid as a result of it is agonisingly slow-paced. We recognise that that is at the very least partly intentional, however good lord, it will probably take endlessly to get wherever. You wander on foot throughout the huge expanse of the USA at a tempo so painfully gradual that a snail would let you know to get a transfer on. Your pace might be elevated ever so barely by holding the L button and tapping the indicated face buttons to whistle, however this solely ups your tempo from “mollusc” to “mollusc who wants the bathroom”. Moreover, the whistling mini-game drowns out the slightly wonderful music – and, astonishingly – it is not even in time! It will have been a little bit of a no brainer to have the participant whistling alongside to the tunes that rating your journey, and we’re astounded that it wasn’t the route taken.

The graphics throughout these in depth travelling segments are nothing to put in writing residence about, which makes it all of the extra shocking that they run so poorly. It is a big map, which can account for a number of the lag, however it’s so unsophisticated that it nearly appears like an alpha model. In truth, the sport’s presentation all through leaves a good bit to be desired. The artwork is nice, however it’s static. The menus are weirdly uneven and unpolished. Even whenever you first boot the sport up, it makes a wierd impression – you get a title display screen which clicks straight by means of right into a (pretty lengthy) loading bar. No music, no sound. It is a minor factor, however it contributes to the unfinished really feel of the sport at giant. It comes throughout as rushed, but the depth (and amount) of the writing present that up as unlikely to be the case.

Investigating the locales and people you occur throughout is a blessed aid from this sludgy gameplay, although in nearly all situations they really feel unsatisfying of their brevity. You may encounter many individuals, locations and issues, however only a few of them are memorable and those who do stick within the thoughts are sometimes all-too-brief; nothing various paragraphs of portentous textual content spinning yarns which are merely wisps of an thought, sufficient to make you ask if that was actually it. The unfinished really feel of the visuals right here seeps into the narrative and its supply. After all, this piecemeal, drip-feed storytelling is type of the purpose, however we query if it is a level price making.

The gathering of the person tales is initially considerably compulsive, with over 200 to “acquire”. That mentioned, the impulse to boil them right down to mere collectables is an inevitable consequence of the gameplay – they’re in the end simply buying and selling playing cards, actually, coming into focus whenever you meet the stronger characters and begin exchanging your tales with them. These segments are promising at first, however are shortly revealed to be hole, inorganic guessing video games. You may be requested, for instance, to supply a “comic story”, however it’s a complete shot at nighttime which precisely of your “humorous tales” will match the invoice. This feels prefer it ought to seize the camaraderie of interacting with a stranger, particularly one enduring the identical Nice Melancholy circumstances as your self. However, in presenting your interplay in such a staid, scientific means, it resolutely fails to do this.

In a intelligent, considerate contact, your tales can develop as you move them round and so they enter folklore. One which’s extraordinarily bare-bones within the early recreation can flip up once more later, with its particulars embellished and even considerably altered. It is a cute piece of flavour that sadly does little to assuage the final monotony that we discovered defines this recreation. It simply takes so lengthy to get wherever or do something. You’ll be able to hitchhike, or catch a practice, however this barely issues when the story or character you want might be actually wherever.


There is a pervasive sense of disappointment to When the Water Tastes Like Wine. For all its invention and forward-thinking, there is a profound feeling that the mark has been missed. In fact, it does little or no to justify itself as a online game within the first place, on condition that a lot of the participant’s time is spent shifting painfully slowly throughout a monotonous, samey map of America with no clearly outlined objective. It is a failed experiment by means of and thru, however all of the extra painful as a result of it may have been a lot extra. There’s area in gaming for narrative output like this, however they must be rigorously tailor-made to be video games first and experiences second. You do not even need to know what this water tastes like.

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